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What does queerness look like beyond the body? n e w f l e s h, a project published by Gnomic Book in September 2019, will challenge conventional notions of gender and identity studies. A collection of works by sixty-eight artists, and essays by Charlotte Cotton and Ashley McNelis, n e w f l e s h hopes to reclaim certain ideas of what queer is capable of.

All too often, the body is used as a form of control. The works in n e w f l e s h  ascend peculiarity and convention. It’s by removing titles and preconceptions that these works question the expectations around photography that deals with the body. It’s my hope that making room to question the status quo in this way will lead to new paths of equality and interactions between us as individuals. New concepts and conversations may be hard, but it is time to start having them.

The artists in n e w f l e s h abstract the subjects and materials they use. These works embody a mastery of what is possible in front of the camera, as well as technologically once the photo has been made. These images force us to look beyond the familiar, so that we may see them for what they could become.

Editor: Efrem Zelony-Mindell
Contributing Writers: Charlotte Cotton, Ashley McNelis

Title: n e w f l e s h
Publication Year: 2019

Publisher: Gnomic Book
ISBN: 978-1-7338877-1-7
140 Pages, 72 images
160x240x14mm, 650 grams
Edition: 750; First edition, first printing


Museum of Modern Art Library

Thomas J. Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Library & Archive at the Tate Britain

The Frances Mulhall Achilles Library at the Whitney Museum of American Art

The Ryerson and Burnham Libraries at the Art Institute of Chicago

Hirsch Library at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Brooklyn Museum Library and Archives

The Morgan Library & Museum

The Carter Library at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art

Médiatèque d'étude et de recherche at the Quai Branly Museum

Foam Photography Museum

The Getty Research Institute Library

BibliotheksVerbund Bayern

Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art Library

Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library at Yale University

Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford

Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library at Columbia University

Columbia College Chicago Library

Fine Arts Library at Harvard University

Cambridge University Library

John M. Flaxman Library at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

CalArts Library

UCLA Arts Library 

Fleet Library at the Rhode Island School of Design

Edinburgh College of Art Library at the University of Edinburgh

Brown University Library

University of Brighton Library

Stephen Chan Library of Fine Arts at New York University

Hunt Library at Carnegie Mellon University

School of Visual Arts Library

Pratt Institute Libraries

The Library at Arts University Bournemouth

Decker Library at Maryland Art Institute College of Art

International Center of Photography's Library

Albert Solheim Library at Pacific Northwest College of Art

University of South Florida Library

Holland and Terrell Libraries at Washington State University

J. Paul Leonard Library at San Francisco State University

Sojourner Truth Library at SUNY New Paltz

University of Arkansas Fine Arts Library


SUNY New Paltz, NY

School of Visual Arts, NY

Red Hook Labs, NY

The Light Factory, NC

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, NC

Rhode Island School of Design, RI

University of Missouri, MO

Washington State University, WA

Northern Illinois University, IL

School of Visual Arts, i3 Lecture Series, NY

WKGP Presents, Blue Sky Gallery, OR


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Photography is currently in a state of acknowledging it's colonial, patriarchal, heteronormative faults. The seventh issue of the THERE, THERE quarterly extends intersections of social theory, feminism, and queerness. Through the works of the three featured artists and an essay reflecting on these works, this issue of the THERE, THERE quarterly will venerate growth, myth, the surreal, and the lived experiences of the artists included.


The THERE, THERE quarterly is a serial publishing project by theretherenow. Each issue contains a curated selection of photographs by three photographers organized around a unique risograph color space. All issues are 10” x 12.5” and come unbound in a risograph printed bellyband. the THERE, THERE quarterly is printed in a hand-numbered limited edition on French Paper Co. 65C paper stock.

The artists in the THERE, THERE quarterly, issue seven, embody and extend their subjects and materials. It's up to viewers to push ourselves to see the resolution amongst these works. Only together, with those who don't look like you, will it all become something. Looking past our expectations will be key in moving forward.

Editor: Efrem Zelony-Mindell
Title: THERE, THERE quarterly; ISSUE SEVEN
Publication Year: 2020

Publisher: theretherenow
ISSN: 2643-6124

32 Pages, 21 images
254x317.5x6.35mm, 116 grams
Limited Edition: 100 + 20AP's

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Close your eyes and imagine where queerness lives. running to the edge of the world, a project published by Cumulus Photo, coming late 2020, explores the locale of queerness and the realities of it's intricate and boundless home in our contemporary world. This collection of works by sixty-two artists, and afterword by Kelsey Sucena, will rearrange preconceptions and expectations that generally cluster around hegemonic queer ideology.

Does queerness only live in your head or does it have a physical home? Is it in a room, or a building, a city block or a town? There are no limits to these bodies and these ideals. Queer folx are everywhere. We're living in a world that is yearning to get out, to get away, to build and reform. Queerness lives outside of big cities. It wanders, strays, and makes homes in places where there are thriving communities and neighborhoods. 


The artists included in running to the edge of the world were pooled form an open call banded around this idea of what lives outside the trappings and conventions of queerness. This questions is as literal and physical as it is deeply theoretical and conceptual. The works of running to the edge of the world run the gambit of genres of photography and together, in this one collection, proclaim with a single voice that there is no need to view photography as separated or those who make it. 

Editor: Efrem Zelony-Mindell

Contributing Writer: Kelsey Sucena
Title: running to the edge of the world
Publication Year: 2020

Publisher: Cumulus Photo

80 Pages, 61 images
140x216x6.35mm, 100grams
Limited Edition: 200