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           Shows Curated:


           Existence: Text + Image, Alternatives - Ohio University Photography + Integrated Media Program, January 19th - February 20

           Artists Included: Nicola Baldazzi & Veronica Lanconelli, Michael Borowski, Ian Campbell, Jesse Egner, Atefeh Farajolahzadeh, Zachary Francois

                                     Nico Fuentes, Felicity Gunn, Jenica Heintzelman, Evan Hume, Philip LaVelle, Mikayla Millard, Alissa Ohashi, Molly Phalan,

                                     André Ramos-Woodard, Ronojoy Sinha, Nathan Storey, Julia Wilson, Kelly Xintaris

           Media Features:

                                         Alternatives: Existence - Image + Text Lecture with Jenica Heintzelman, André Ramos-Woodard & Efrem Zelony-Mindell

           Selected Press:

                                         OU's 2021 Alternatives Exhibition Integrates Text and Image, The Post







           PRIDE, Culture Lab LIC at The Plaxall Gallery, June 3rd - 27th, MORE INFORMATION FORTH COMING



           Primal Sight, In the In-Between: Journal of New and New Media Photography, online exhibition

           Artists Included: Joey Aronhalt, Alex Avgud, Anna Belozerova, Simon Beraud, Patrick Carew, Madeline Cass, Megan Christiansen,  

                                     Sadie Cook, Mark ElzeyDiana Guerra, Rory Hamovit, Kip Harris, Lily Holcombe, Sam Hutchinson, Laura Hart Newlon,

                                     Ethan O'Grady, Daniel RampullaLucille Reback, Kyle Donald Ross, June T. Sanders, Pierce Sapper, Sam Schmieg,

                                     Travis Shaffer, Joey Solomon, Ada Luisa Trillo,Eileen Rae Walsh

           POST HUMAN ANIMAL INSTINCT, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, March 3rd - 9th

           Artist Included: KC Crow Maddux

           Selected Press:

                                         The Thrill of Unpredictability at Two Art Fairs, The New York Times



           Unique Uncertainty, Brandeis University Fine Arts and Post-Baccalaureate, online exhibition

           Artists Included: Miriam Angeles Arrey, Siyi Cao, Zoila Coc-Chang, Jenny S. HoClaudia Kim, Leah Nashel, Scott Lerner, Liv Molho,  

                                     Micaela NeeRasha Obaid Ba Sabih, Olivia Perterson, Rita Scheer, Marie Wheeler


           n e w f l e s h, The Light Factory in conjunction with the Gnomic Book monograph, August 29th - October 11th

           Artists Included: Mitchell Barton, Matthew Bradley, Joshua Citarella, Kenta Cobayashi, Stephen Frailey, Sheree HovsepianInka & Niclas,

                                     Bill JacobsonIna Jang, Ken Lavey, May Lin Le Goff, John Lehr, KC Crow MadduxJoseph Maida, Stephen Milner,

                                     Robin MyersSarah PalmerJessica Pettway, Reeve SchumacherBrea Souders, Patricia Voulgaris, Martin Wannam

           Media Features:

                                          Video: Interview with Guest Editor Efrem Zelony-Mindell, Musée Magazine

           Selected Press:

                                         Help Fund a New Photobook That Asks, "What Does Queerness Mean Beyond the Body?", Humble Arts Foundation

                                         Q&A: Efrem Zelony-Mindell, Strange Fire Collective

                                         Art Illuminated: n e w f l e s h, Daylight

                                         In Conversation: Efrem Zelony-Mindell on n e w f l e s h, DAB—TNIA

                                         n e w f l e s h: Efrem Zelony-Mindell's New Queer Vision, In the In-Between

                                         n e w f l e s h, LENSCRATCH

                                         Book Review: n e w f l e s h, LensCulture

                                         Book Review: n e w f l e s h, Musée Magazine

                                         The Locus of Many, Efrem Zelony-Mindell interviews artists from n e w f l e s h, The Reservoir

                                         What Does Queerness Look Like Beyond the Human Body?, British Journal of Photography

                                         This Week in Photography: A Review of n e w f l e s h, aPhotoEditor

                                         Book: n e w f l e s h, GUP Magazine

                                         Photobooks of Note 2019 - Kris Graves, Deadbeat Club

                                         What's In Store: Shelf Liners, Books by SVA alumni and faculty, Visual Arts Journal

           Tangents, SoMad Studio, September 19th - October 3rd

           Artists Included: Kyle HendersonPaul Simon


             This Is Not Here: RE 21, RE: Art Show, May 26th - June 17th

             Artists Included: Fabrizio Albertini, Nando Alvarez-Perez, Tal Barel, Adam Basanta, Logan Bellew, Vincent BezuidenhoutPat Blocher

                                       Sarah E. BrookRobert Canali, Susan Carr, Raul De Lara, Luba Drozd, Magali DuzantFlorencia Escudero,

                                       Jessie EnglishGregg Evans, Daniel Everett,Arash Fewzee, Georgi GeorgievValerie GreenIlana Harris-Babou,

                                       Katherine HubbardCary Hulbert, Leander Knust, Desiree KongSaskia KrafftSusan Luss, KC Crow Maddux,

                                       Moira McDonald, Cameron Kelly McLeod, Alex McTigueLevan MindiashviliRodrigo Moreira,Justin O'Brien,

                                       Anthony Padilla, Daniel Rampulla, Adam Liam RoseMeredith SandsMarco Scozzaro, Tariku ShiferawJake Sigl

                                       Kuldeep Singh, Aaron Siskind, Michael Stamm,  Kate StoneIlona Szwarc, Anthony Tafuro, Jessica Thalmann,

                                       Athena Torri, Aaron Turner, Rodrigo Valenzuela,  Julian Van Der Moere, Patricia Voulgaris, Eileen Rae Walsh,

                                       Paul Owen Weiner, Curtis Welteroth, Jaclyn Wright

             Media Features:

                                           Arts and Answers on Columbia University's WKCR-FM hosted by Isaac Jean-François, WKCR-FM

                                           Trans-cen-der art talk June session 2018 featuring artists from This Is Not Here RE 21: Leander Knust,

                                           Eileen Rae Walsh, Luba Drozd, KC Crow Maddux, & Sarah E. Brook, Art During the Occupation

             Selected Press:

                                           Curator Efrem Zelony-Mindell Brings Together 57 Artists for RE: Art Show, Forbes

                                           Feminine Anger, A 'Futile Orgasim,' and More Art This Week, Bedford + Bowery

                                           This is Not Here: 57 Artists Challenge the Gamut of Everything, Humble Arts Foundation

                                           A New Art Exhibition Sets the Imagination on Fire, Feature Shoot

                                           This Is Not Here: RE 21, GAYLETTER

                                           In Their Own Words: Photo-Artists From This Is Not Here: RE 21, In the In-Between

                                           I Feel a Vague Nausea: Anxiety and Fragmented Bodies in This Is Not Here: RE 21, Filthy Dreams

                                           Beyond Photography – A Visit to This Is Not Here: RE 21, Professional Women Photographers


             Familiar Strange, International Center of Photography-Bard MFA at Baxter Street Camera Club of New York, June 29th - July 25th

             Artists Included: Sasha Louis Bush, Marla Hernandez, Gülsüm Kavuncu, Sam Margevicius, Hyungjo Moon, Cristina VelásquezNechama Winston

             Selected Press:

                                           Finding the Familiar Strange, PDNedu                                                       

                                           5x5: "Familiar Strange", TAGTAGTAG

                                           What's So Strange About the 2017 ICP-Bard MFA Graduates?, Humble Arts Foundation

                                           Events in New York: Editor's Pick, ARTCARDS

                                           Familiar Strange, ICP-Bard's MFA 2017 Exhibition, L'Oeil de la Photographie

                                           Art Out: The 2017 MFA ICP-Bard Show, MUSÉE Magazine


             n e w f l e s h, Rubber Factory in conjunction with DEAR DAVE, Issue 23, September 9th - 23rd

             Artists Included:  Thomas Albdorf, Ruth Van Beek, Ellen Carey, Allie Coates & Signe Pierce, Joy Drury Cox, Dillon DeWaters,  

                                         Izaac Enciso, Aaron Hegert, Nico KrijnoNamsa Leuba, Ryan OskinIlana Savdie, Pacifico Silano, Quinn Torrens


             Media Features:

                                           BLANK SLATES, Episode #3, Created by Colin Heasley & Jacob Tobia, BLANK SLATES

                                           Artist Talk: Allie Coates, Signe Pierce & Pacifico Silano, Rubber Factory

                                           Artist Talk: Ellen Carey & Stephen Frailey, Rubber Factory


             Selected Press:

                                           This Week's Must-See Art Events, Art F City

                                           Redefining "Queer." Stephen Frailey Interviews Curator Efrem Zelony-Mindell, Humble Arts Foundation

                                           Queer Identity Explored in Curious, Offbeat Photos, Feature Shoot

                                           After Orlando Massacre, Queer Art Takes a Political Turn, The Intercept

                                           Where Does Queer Art Go Without An Ideal Sexualized Body?, Filthy Dreams    

                                           n e w f l e s h: Curated by Efrem Zelony-Mindell, aCurator

                                           Enter the Void: Depiction of Absent Body in n e w f l e s hBaxter Street Camera Club of New York

              Are You Loathsome, Video Revival, December 8th - 11th

              Artists Included:  Alon BortenPeter Clough, Allana Clarke, Dana Davenport, Kate Gilmore, Patrice Helmar, Robert Hickerson

                                         Daniel Johnson, Joseph Maida,Carly MarkBenjy Russell, Michael Stablein Jr.Judith StennekenPatricia Voulgaris


              Selected Press:

                                            Efrem Zelony-Mindell's Limited-Run Video Series Looks at Ideology as Illusion, Humble Arts Foundation

                                            Are You Loathsome, Artworks That Bother, L'Oeil de la Photographie

          Selected Writings:
             Afterword for Chance DeVille's Becoming A Precipice, Becoming A Precipice
             Chance DeVille in conversation with Efrem Zelony-Mindell, Rocket Science
             Hard Breath V.2 | Artist Logan Bellew in Conversation with Efrem Zelony-Mindell, Issue 78, SPOT Magazine
             Introduction for Gregory Eddi JonesBETTERLAND, BETTERLAND
             Afterword for Ryan Frigillana's Vision of Eden, Vision of Eden
             Afterword for Patricia Voulgaris' The Hunter, The Hunter
             Don't Stop Me Now, Issue 23: Choices, Musée Magazine
             Logan Bellew talks with Efrem Zelony-Mindell, Rocket Science Magazine
             Ohemaa Dixon: Tanpa Izin, LENSCRATCH
             Mark McKnight: "Concrete As Surely As Flesh", Humble Arts Foundation
             Looking at Photography: Efrem Zelony-Mindell in conversation with Stephen Frailey, Humble Arts Foundation
             Disarming the Photographic Canon: Efrem Zelony-Mindell in conversation with William Camargo, Humble Arts Foundation
             Photography as Our Last Hope at the End of the World: Steven Molina Conreras, Humble Arts Foundation
             The Second Drawer: Odette England's Keeper of the Hearth, In the In-Between
             Blackest, Queerest Life: Conversation with André Ramos-Woodard, In the In-Between
             Family, Contradiction, and the American Dream: Ryan Frigillana, drawstring magazine
             Unknown and Knowable: Sadie Cook, drawstring magazine
             In Conversation: Paul Guilmoth & Efrem Zelony-Mindell, From Here On Out
             Essay for Justin Liam O'Brien's book Losing In The Form Of Darkness, Raw Meat Collective
             Afterword for Mitchell Barton's book Freestylez, Freestylez
             False Idol; Leonard Suryajaya, Issue 54: PLAY! The Game Changing Issue, Foam
             A conversation between W.M. Hunt and Efrem Zelony-Mindell looking at the work of Arden Surdam, ABXY
             Filthy Dreams's Velvet Buzzsaw Threeway, with Emily Colucci, Deborah Krieger, and Efrem Zelony-Mindell, Filthy Dreams
             KC Crow Maddux: Every Body is a Puzzled Dummy, Filthy Dreams
             los Sueños y sus Números: El Libro Supremo de la Suerte by Rose Marie Cromwell, In the In-Between
             Characterisation | Population, Unseen
             An Interview with Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Patricia Voulgaris, & Efrem Zelony-Mindell, Issue 73, SPOT Magazine
             Andreas Gursky: Size Matters, Issue 19: Power, Musée Magazine
             Primal Sight, Issue 26, DEAR DAVE
             Afterword for Fabrizio Albertini's book Radici, Radici
             Essay for Pablo Lerma's book Greenfield. The Archive, Meteoro Editions
             Losing The Form In Darkness Of "The Unspeakable: A Dark Show", Filthy Dreams
             Smoke, Mirrors and Illusions: Kyle Dunn's "Always"Filthy Dreams
             Pink, Brown, Grey, White: John Hanning's "Chase", Filthy Dreams
             What a Feeling: Justin Liam O'Brien at Monya Rowe Gallery, Filthy Dreams
            You Were Right All Along by Jason Koxvold, In The In-Between
             Efrem Zelony-Mindell On W.M. Hunt, Issue 3, Rocket Science Magazine
             Bill Jacobson: figure, ground, Baxter Street Camera Club of New York
             Fear, Daring, Hexed. Patricia Voulgaris, Baxter Street Camera Club of New York
             May Lin Le Goff: Tada, Baxter Street Camera Club of New York
             Katherine Hubbard: Stages & Others, Baxter Street Camera Club of New York
             Bryson Rand: Some Small Fever, Baxter Street Camera Club of New York
             Anastasia Samoylova: m o z a r t, Baxter Street Camera Club of New York
             Stefanie Moshammer: Don't Stop Me Now, Baxter Street Camera Club of New York
             Ryan Oskin: Subdivision, Baxter Street Camera Club of New York
             Mark Dorf: Transposition, Baxter Street Camera Club of New York
             Sara Cwynar: Rose Gold, Baxter Street Camera Club of New York
             Lisa Fairstein: Deep Shade, Baxter Street Camera Club of New York
             Logan Bellew: έρως, Baxter Street Camera Club of New York
             Eileen Rae Walsh: Round Juicy Citrus, Bright Reddish-Yellow, Baxter Street Camera Club of New York
             Ben McNutt: Contend, Baxter Street Camera Club of New York
             DEAR DAVE, Magazine Issue No. 25, Baxter Street Camera Club of New York
             You Really Got A Hold On Me: Louis Fratino, Filthy Dreams
             Vincent Tiley: A Body Without Organization, Filthy Dreams
             The Future is (Black) Femme, Humble Arts Foundation
             David Brandon Geeting's Amusement Park Break Boring Scenes Into Wild Spectacles, Humble Arts Foundation
             Bill Durgin Reimagines The Human Form, Humble Arts Foundation
             Introduction for Mickey Aloisio's book American Wildlife, American Wildlife
             Rubber Factory Posters: Season 2 - Patricia Voulgaris, Rubber Factory Posters
             Rubber Factory Posters: Season 3 - Jessica Pettway, Rubber Factory Posters
             Roxana Azar, In Bloom, Rubber Factory Posters
             Make Imagination: Dillon DeWaters, L'Oeil de la Photographie
             Matthew Leifheit: All Here Is Wind, Your Giorgio, L'Oeil de la Photographie
             Thomas Albdorf: General View, L'Oeil de la Photographie
             Marco Scozzaro: Digital Deli, L'Oeil de la Photographie
             Jan Rattia: Tease, L'Oeil de la Photographie
             Eric Pickersgill: No Show, The Huffington Post
             The Contraventions of Joshua Citarella, The Huffington Post
             Marcia Lippman Painting: Photographs, The Huffington Post
             Death Blooms: Ren Hang, The Huffington Post
             Pacifico Silano's Arrangements at NYC's VOLTA, The Huffington Post
             Jon Feinstein's Future Isms, The Huffington Post
             Confession: Betrayal of Trust and Thoughts On Critique, The Huffington Post
             Nico Krijno: The Fluid Right Edge, The Huffington Post
             Ken Castaneda: Frontera Familiar, The Huffington Post
             Patrice Helmar: Reykjavík, aCurator
             Gerhard Richter: 40 Tage, aCurator




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             Pacifico Silano: Gay Porn to Create New Queer History, VICE

             Mary Ellen Mark: Looking Back on Tiny, VICE

             Ken Lavey: Perfect Odd Thing, VICE

             Izaac Enciso's Conceptual Street Photography, VICE

             n e w f l e s h, Issue 23, DEAR DAVE

             Contributing Editor for Mossless 4: Public/Private/Portrait, Mossless

             A Confession About Her: Amanda Lepore, Issue 3, Posture

             Nadav Kander: DUST, L'Oeil de la Photographie

             Columbia Visual Arts MFA: Fisher Landau, L'Oeil de la Photographie

             Ilona Szwarc: I am Woman and I Feast On Memory, L'Oeil de la Photographie

             Marcelo Yáñez: NEWSPAPER, L'Oeil de la Photographie     

             Joseph Maida: Things Are Queer, L'Oeil de la Photographie


             The Zany Sculpture of Ryan Patrick Martin, The Huffington Post

             Into the Cemetery! Rachel Stern's Photography. Yes, Death. The Huffington Post

             Hobbes Ginsberg: S E L F, The Huffington Post

             Sam Clarke: TRANSPLANT, The Huffington Post

             Thomas Albdorf: I Know I Will See What I Have Seen Before, The Huffington Post

             Charlotte Cotton's Public, Private, Secret, The Huffington Post

             Patrice Helmar: Try A Little Bright Light, The Huffington Post

             Jessica Richmond: The Madness of Many, The Huffington Post

             Light Walks, Walls Stand, Sight Evokes: Diohandi, The Huffington Post

             Thomas Roma: Plato's Dogs, The Huffington Post


             Eric Pickersgill's REMOVED, aPhotoEditor


            The Real Thing at Flowers Gallery, Feature Shoot




             John Arsenault: BARMAID, aCurator

             Jess T. Dugan: Every Breath We Drew, aCurator

             Zeke Berman & Corey Olsen at Julie Saul Gallery, aCurator

             LOVE 2016 at LeRoy Neiman Gallery, aCurator

             Charlotte Cotton: Photography Is Magic, aCurator

             Thomas Roma & Giancarlo Roma: The Waters of Our Time, aCurator

             Jimmy DeSana: Suburban, aCurator

             Caroline Tompkins, aCurator

             David T. Hanson: Wilderness to Wasteland, aCurator

             MOSSLESS Magazine, aCurator

             Martin Parr | David Brandon Geeting, aCurator

             The Photography Show: AIPAD, aCurator

             Kris Graves: The Testament Project, aCurator

             Mickey Aloisio: Gay Wildlife, aCurator


             Thomas Roma: In the Vale of Cashmere, Feature Shoot

             Tomorrow is a Long TIme: Malcolm Linton & Jon Cohen, Feature Shoot

             PLAYGROUND: Growing Up In the New York Underground, aCurator

             Jesse Burke: Wild & Precious, aCurator

             Frances F. Denny: Pink Crush, aCurator

             Pacifico Silano: Tear Sheets, aCurator

             Dia Beacon: Andre and Serra, Style No Chaser

              Widernaturlich Kunst: Pacifico Silano at ClampArt, Style No Chaser

             Waters' Meat and Taters: John Waters at Marianne Boesky, Style No Chaser

                 HOLY SHIT! Can You Art, Style No Chaser

             The Gesture Is Enigma; Regardless of Certainty, Style No Chaser

             Brave New Camera; Part I, Style No Chaser

             HOLY SHIT! Doris Salcedo, Style No Chaser

             HOLY SHIT! DEAR DAVE, 19 Going On 20, Style No Chaser 

             HOLY SHIT! Selects From Sotheby's, Style No Chaser

             #SAVEARTSPACE, Style No Chaser

             HOLY SHIT! Of Cake & Vanity, Style No Chaser

             HOLY SHIT! Been There, Done That: Albert Oehlen, Style No Chaser

             HOLY SHIT! The Strange Voyage of CROWHURST, Style No Chaser

             HOLY SHIT! ZAK KREVITT, Style No Chaser

             HOLY SHIT! Erin O'Keefe at Denny Gallery, Style No Chaser

             HOLY SHIT! The Hunted Eye, Style No Chaser

             HOLY SHIT! Ryan Patrick Martin, Style No Chaser

             HOLY SHIT! War Is Beautiful: David Shields, Style No Chaser




             Weekend Viewing: Jeff Koons At The Whitney, Style No Chaser

             Marco Breuer at Yossi Milo, Style No Chaser

             Gillian Jagger at David Lewis Gallery, Style No Chaser

             Gedi Sibony at Greene Naftali Gallery, Style No Chaser

             Christie's: On the Auction Floor, Style No Chaser

             HOLY SHIT! 'Run Amok' Judy Pfaff, Style No Chaser

             Half Gallery Half Gagosian, Style No Chaser

             Art For Not One: Perez Art Museum of Miami, Style No Chaser

             HOLY SHIT! Takashi Murakami at Gagosian Gallery, Style No Chaser

             Daniel Libeskind: Las Vegas Boulevard, Style No Chaser